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Leonard Berghaus led this five-year restoration project, at a fee that made
it possible for an urban church to tackle the project. Inspired by Trinity’s
organ to form his own company in 1967, he calls this restoration the
capstone of his career.

Robert Myers, lifelong member of Trinity and its organist since 1973, has
donated countless hours to maintaining the organ over the years. He assisted
throughout the restoration, especially by replacing the pulpetens (leather
seals for all 276 keys) and coordinating mechanical aspects of restoration.

Florence Mustric led the five-year campaign to raise funds for the

Richard Hamar, CT, restored the key and coupling action.

Kelly Monette, tonal finisher (Berghaus), provided the expertise largely
responsible for the beauty of this organ’s sound.

Tim Roney (Berghaus) stripped and refinished the pedalboard and the wood on
the console.

Organ Supply Industries, PA, restored all 10 pipes in the Pedal façade,
including installation of new, heavier languids.

A.R. Schopp, Sons, OH, restored the largest pipes in the Hauptwerk façade.

Blackstone Valley Piano Service, MA, refinished and rebushed all the manual

August Laukhuff, Weikersheim, Germany, provided replacement parts for the

Volunteers helped contain costs by donating over 875 hours to restoration
tasks, such as removing Pedal facade pipes over the balcony railing,
carrying pipes, cleaning interior parts, and removing wind chests. Chiefly:
Marilyn Eble helped replace the pulpetens and helped regulate the
Rückpositiv; Dave Krejci and Shane Brandes performed heavy lifting and
mechanical tasks; and Todd Myers helped with the heaviest lifting, removing
the largest pedal pipes.

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